Mili Ponce Oliver

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, but lived most of her life in Lima, Peru
Computer scientist with 15 years in the IT and Technology Industry

In 2002 she came to the UK and she started working to finish her studies, she worked selling Hot dogs at Stanford Bridge "Chelsea Stadium", later on 12 hour shifts in an "Off Lincence" shop in Belsize Park, London; did jobs as Babysitter and shelf filler in Tescos for more than a year.
Almost 4 years in a call center and then Network System Administrator. In April 2009 she decided to make a change in her life!
Thanks to the Internet Marketing she made $500 in her first 3 weeks and an
income of $10 000 a month after only 6 months, now she is an Internet Marketer,
Social Media Expert,Coach on Business Online Creator of the
"Twitter Money Code", "Twitter Power Unleashed" and
"Social Media 4 Business" She has share stage with Internet Marketers
such as Armand Morin, Saj P, Steven Essa, Simon Coulson and many others,
She has recently spoken on stage at:
"The Internet Wealth Creation Summit" Oct 09
"The Wealth Internet Summit" Nov 09

Writer, Blogger and CEO of Parts and More SAC